L.A. Producer with a Smile

Hey there, I'm a music producer who works out of Los Angeles. With over 18 years of collective studio production, engineering, mixing, mastering and songwriting experience, I'll definitely bring a well-rounded set of skills to your audio project. Vision, leadership, creativity, patience and organization are keys to any successful music collaboration, and my aim is to make sure that your recordings are delivered beautifully, on time and in the budget that works for you. I maintain a professional keel and apply a non-reactionary approach to any creative challenges that may arise. Sometimes it's important to just take a few deep breaths, you know? Creativity can be found all over my tracks, as well as in the solutions that make them possible. And I sure hope you have a sense of humor. It's important to have fun along the journey, and know when to not take things too seriously. ;)

When you work with me, you'll receive clear and timely communication throughout the process. From pre-production to the final touches, we'll meet deadlines together and celebrate the victories as they line up. In the studio, I'm a well-versed session singer and songwriter, a capable rhythm acoustic guitar and ukulele player, and I dabble around on about half a dozen other unique instruments like the harmonium and banjo. I know all the top-notch session players, vocalists, voiceover actors and songwriters you could need should we need to hire people to make your dreams fully come alive. My gear and production facilities are incredible, all housed at Love Studios. Love Studios is a cozy little music room in Culver City, California. It's perfect for tracking everything but drums. It's also a fine place for mixing and mastering. If we need to track live drums, or a large ensemble I have great relationships with other studios that we can go to for that.. or just hire them to send us the completed live beats to our specs!

Yes, I'm Genuinely Excited to be a Songwriter & Lyricist

I've lost count of the number of songs I've written, but it's gotta be over 500 by now. Not to say that I'd play my first handful of tunes to anyone (my sister is still holding one of my old homemade demos as blackmail material), but let's just say over 18 years I've learned a lot and evolved from the teachings along the way. Been there done that with both the "reading everybody's songwriting book, taking workshops and analyzing songs to learn the tools and technical ins and outs" approach as well as the "simply being in the flow and writing from intuition" one. Neither is the "correct" way to go about it, but both are extremely useful. Songwriting is an utterly rewarding process; one of the most sheer delights of my life. Especially co-writing! No matter what genre you write in, or would like to hire me to write in, you will always find an enthusiastic helper in me. As you can probably tell from reading this page, I do have a way with words. Sometimes lots of them, but I definitely know how to be precise when the situation calls for it. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes WAY less is perfect.

I Record and Perform All Over The Place

As an artist, in my most natural state, I am constantly envisioning, creating and sharing. Multi-tasking many different creative interests and projects, spanning genres and historical eras.. that's what I call the good life. Sharing my music with a live audience (of any size) is another one of my favorite things. I've been blessed to perform hundreds of shows, on stages everywhere from rural Oregon to Rome, from college campuses to big headliner club gigs. In the past I've fronted my various Rock/Singer-Songwriter solo efforts, Folk/Americana act Genuine Brandish and my college rock band, Tricky Luz. I have 5 albums, 2 EPs and a handful of singles under my belt. Two of my current projects are the ukulele duo The Felt Fedoras and the post-grunge rockfest called Violane. We're playing shows in L.A. and in Rome, releasing albums and videos, all that stuff. Ideally, I'd like to get those moving towards regional tours in the U.S. and all over Europe. I also have a few other concepts up my sleeve that are in various stages of development, including a kids show. We'll see what life has in store with them!

Hired-Star Lead Vocals & Perfect Harmonies if You Need 'Em

When I was 5, my dad had my 4 year-old sister and I singing kids and gospel songs into microphones. I got a country Midwest education in three-part harmonies growing up around folk and bluegrass fesitvals, and watching my dad and his brothers serenade house parties and local political rallies. Took band and choir and in middle school somehow got the only F I can ever recall receiving in my K-12 or college studies. I think I was talking to my friends too much. So then I arrive in college and it finally hit me, the pipes I have. I started writing and playing shows and people eventually start telling me that I also have perfect pitch. I haven't done anything academic to refine my vocals, but I get asked to sing a lot. If you need that Otis Redding thing, or that Sinatra thing, or that Johnny Cash thing, or that Eddie Vedder thing, or that electronic emo pop thing, or that Ryan Tedder thing.. I got you covered. About the only thing I don't do well is super high pitch 80s hair metal rock vocals. I'm not Axl Rose, although I'm sure you'd get a good laugh hearing me try. Notice: I'm the only session vocalist in Los Angeles who offers a satisfaction guarantee on harmonies laid to tape. I have always had a knack for great harmony arrangements and nailing the tricky performances with a style that greatly enhances the lead track. Definitely give me a holler if you need killer male vox.

If you got to the end of this page, congratulations! Next step is to hop over to the contact page and use the form to fire me a message letting me know about your project. Or just give me a call. My cell number is there as well.

Seriously, thank you for your attention in an attention-overloaded world. Let's make the world a better place with beautiful music!

Peace & blessings,
-John Clinebell