Unless you have the budget to write in the studio, it’s best to have a solid song ready before any production happens. The right progression, key, tempo, groove, top line and lyrics. Some producers can help with writing, and I’m one of them.

Once the song is written, then the next step is preproduction. Getting clear on what genre the song is going to be presented in. Making a solid list of reference tracks to help guide the production decisions. Identifying the scope of the project, and deciding how best to leverage the record’s budget.


I’ll give you a brief overview of one way a recording gets produced: Depending on what kind of song it is, the production may begin with assembling a scratch (or guide) track that embodies the qualities you want the song to have. It most of the time includes a click track, the top line vocal, and the accompanying rhythm instrument. Once that’s done, the actual instruments to be used in the final mix are laid into the session. Once the drums, rhythm instruments and bass are recorded, that’s often a good point to start tracking vocals and hand percussion. After that’s done, often there’s a little back and forth with sweetening the mix with any extra melodic or rhythmic elements that are needed. Then the mix happens.

There are many other ways to produce a song. Regardless of how it’s done, my job as a producer is to oversee the production process from beginning to the finished product. Deciding the best approach. Bringing the players in, scheduling everything, the technical and creative aspects of engineering and coaching performance in the studio, etc.


After your song has all the right elements happening, it’s important to make sure they all come together and then get amplified so that they meet industry standards for audio quality. This is where having a professional step in is crucial. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that your song puts its best foot forward and can be heard throughout in its most flattering form. I’ll give your mix clarity, punch, space and dynamics.

Terms are easy. 50% up front, and the rest due when you’re satisfied with the mix or mastering job. I can do mixing or mastering jobs locally (Los Angeles area) or long distance. I will deliver you the final formats you need to get your songs heard right wherever you upload and/or submit them.